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LaMothe, Bigger lead All-Bridge Alliance picks by league coaches

Staff reports

John LaMothe of Pickford and Scout Bigger of Engadine are the Offensive and Defensive Players of the Year in the Bridge Alliance Conference.

Voting for the all-conference team was conducted by league coaches last week.

LaMothe, a senior running back, compiled a team-leading 678 yards on 49 carries (13.8 yards per carry) and 13 TDs for the conference champion Panthers. LaMothe also had six catches for 94 yards and two touchd owns. The bala nced Panthers finished 9-0 in the regular season and accumulated 2,759 yards rushing, with four players running for at least 500 yards.

Bigger, a senior linebacker, had 85 tackles, in statistics available through eight games. Bigger was also the Eagles’ leading rusher with over 1,000 yards.

The Bridge Alliance First Team running backs include LaMothe, Bigger and Cedarville junior Gunnar Fountain.

Cedarville senior Trey Norris is the first team quarterback.

First team offensive line picks include Pickford senior Garrett Dodds, Cedarville junior Jarron Masuga and Rudyard senior Tyler Spencer.

First team selections at wide receiver are Cedarville senior Dakota Fairchild and Pickford sophomore Nick Edington.

Pickford senior Joey Boik is the league’s first team pick at utility/hybrid.

Switching to the allconference picks on defense, Bigger, Pickford sophomore Jimmy Storey and Bellaire senior Griffon Niepoth were named first team.

Fairchild, LaMothe and Rudyard senior Damarius Johnson-Rundell were named first team at defensive back.

Dodds, Rudyard’s Matt Warner and Posen’s Levin Romel are the first teams at defensive line.

Pickford senior Lane Warner is the first team pick as defensive specialist/ hybrid.

Bridge Alliance teams Pickford, Cedarville, Rudyard, Engadine and Bellaire all qualified for the playoffs.

Pickford, Cedarville and Engadine are still playing. Pickford (10-0) plays host to Onekema (91) in a 8-Man, Division 2 regional final at 2 p.m. Saturday. Engadine (8-2) visits Forest Park (7-2) for an 8-Man, Division 2 regional final at 7 p.m. Friday, while Cedarville (8-2) visits Stephenson (82) for an 8-man Division 1 regional final at 7 p.m. Friday.


First Team Offense — Quarterback — Trey Norris, Cedarville Running back — Scout Bigger, Engadine; Gunnar Fountain, Cedarville; John LaMothe, Pickford Line — Garrett Dodds, Pickford; Jarron Masuga, Cedarville; Tyler Spencer, Rudyard Wide receiver/tight end — Dakota Fairchild, Cedarville; Nick Edington, Pickford Utility/hybrid — Joey Boik, Pickford Special teams/kicker — Josiah Crawford, Pellston Offensive POY — John LaMothe Second Team Offense Quarterback — Dylan Mills, Rudyard Running back — Damarius JohnsonRundell, Rudyard Line — Tyler Nance, Engadine; Griffon Niepoth, Bellaire; Levi Romel, Posen Wide receiver/tight end — Matt Warner, Rudyard; Kaleb Johanson, Brimley; Sam Brunet, Posen Utility/hybrid — Trevor Kohlmann, Cedarville




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